We carefully plan the whole cycle of works necessary to ensure the effective organization of the process. Office supplies fully completing necessary production facilities and equipment, which allows us to carry out all stages of work for the customer agreed schedule. We are confident in the quality of its services. We always adhere to deadlines.


Our team provides a full range of activities using advanced technological developments. This enables us to do all kinds of work with appropriate quality and provide customers with long-term guarantee for each type of work and ensure delivery stages according to the timetable. .


We develop and put on the production new products made of polyethylene. Thanks to technology and streamlined process,development of new products is cost-effective even for small shipments. . . .



Consultations about pumping equipment, pipeline, dredging equipment and other.


About company LOCS s.r.o.

The philosophy of our work has established a strong presence in the mining and industrial sectors across Europe. Initially, our business model primarily targeted Eastern Europe and Baltic countries, offering slurry dredging units, pumps, and components. However, as time progressed, LOCS s.r.o. expanded its reach and now serves nearly all of Europe and the Caucasian market for the provision of the following products:
– Dredgers and components
– Slurry and dewatering pumps
– Floating pump stations and floats
– Discharge and processing pipelines and manifolds (based on NR, HDPE, Flat hoses and
PEX type of material)
– Spares parts, components, and service
LOCS s.r.o. operates own regional service and engineering teams, ensuring continuous support to customers, and implementing diverse technical concepts to fulfill project requirements.is to provide not only a high-quality technical product, but also a complete, complete solution to the client’s tasks, starting with sketches and development of the concept, to the delivery of products and commissioning works.

PEX Pipes

Polyethylene Pipes

Rubber Pipeline Systems

Pipeline Floaters