PEXa pipes (cross-linked polythylene pipes)  the strongest pipe for dewatering

Cross-linked polyethylene pipe system is the result of a high stability molecular network formation, with a unique and adaptable design that offers an excellent solution for the transport of liquids and other substances that require great chemical and mechanical resistance. 

High temperature, chemical and corrosion resistance

Impervious to slow crack growth

UF resistant

The advantages cross-link polythylene pipe( PEXa)

  • Pressure to 30 bar, or design pipe by request for higher working condition.
  • Dia from 110mm to 710 mm.
  • High operation temperature of up 110 0 C/230 0 F
  • Very smooth internal surface – reducing energy consumptions and scaling
  • With better abrasion resistance.
  • Long life term more than 50 years (in extreme operating conditions of temperature, corrosion and wear).

Long length section

No need for layout ground preparation

Wear resistant

  • Light weight and flexible pipe with good natural bend radius.
  • Easy to install (Pex pipe can be laid uphill or downhill in a long continuous saction,without any fixpoint between the top and bottom ends).
  • Improved durability in harsh corrosive conditions (wear resistance –typically 3 times that  HDPE pipes ).
  • Better abrasive resistance that steel pipe, rubber pipe.
  • Long coil options, you can increase your rate of installation, reduce the number of connections, and reduce risk related to them.

An outstanding feature of the Pex-a pipe is its flexibility, due to the cross-linked structure. This structure enables the pipe to return to its original diameter after de-coiling. As a result, Pex-pipe is able to supply longer lengths of pipe, compared to other suppliers and types. Pexgol pipes can be shipped in coils ( only till 450mm dia. of pipe), coils with cores and straight sections.

Available diameters

Class* it means working pressure (bar).The working pressure of Pex-a pipes are based on DIN 16893-2000 and accumulated experience of cross-link pipes in Industry and Infrastructure. These standards show the working pressure of Pexa pipes at various temperature.

Sphere of use Locs-Pex-pipe:

  • Mineral Processing
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Slurry Pipelines.
  • Process Water.
  • Aquaculture.
  • Boreholes Pipes
  • Mine Dewatering.
  • Oil & Gas pipes (download the catalog)