Locs dredge (Multi-Purpose ) achives an extra level of independence for those particulary harsh environments. The tracked module can be added to new and existing LOCS DREDGE for an extra mobility boost. The extreme mobility in any kind of swamp, together with the full floatability, allow to reach the most remote locations otherwise impossible to get with any other equipment. Pumping capacity up to 600-800 m3/h with delivery distance up to 1500 meters or more can make possible to perform works with the highest productivity ever. The combination of such equipment with the LOCS dredging technology makes this dredge unbeatable in terms of efficiency and durability.

Main characteristics of Locs dredge

  • 1) Main arm

    – Max working depth 6,7m
    – Precisely moves pump up and down
    – Depth measuring pulley
    – Possibility to install other hydraulic tools

  • 2) Operator cabin

    – Complete control panel
    – Heating and air conditioning – Ergonomic seat
    – Safety equipment
    – Equipment status
    – Emergency stop controls

  • 3) Front Stabilizers

    The stabilizers are composed of a volume of 2m3 and increases the lateral stability of the dredge during the movement of the arm

  • 4) Power pack

    The hydraulic power pack can be based on electric motors or on diesel engines in compliance with the latest european emission standards.

    It’s always equipped with a sound proof enclosure

  • 5) Service crane

    With its max extension of 6m, it can be used for several operations on the dredge.

  • 6) Thruster

    The propeller thruster is driven from the operator cabin and drives the dredge and can level adjusted.

  • 7) Rear stabilizers

    A set of two hydraulic cylinders for each hoisting rams. Rear stabilizer can help with anchor the dredge during operations.



For removal of reeds,roots and other vegetation,cleaning the bottom from trash 2,75 m wide


For excavation work Volumn 600 Lb


For excavating polluted materials,seals the material inside the bucket ideal for loading into barges,volume 600


For driving wood piles,reinforcing shores and marina maintnance


Click to download the MULTI PURPOSE dredger data sheet