The lifespan of a slurry pump depends greatly on the quality of its replacement components. These spares are also known as wet spares or quick wearing spares because they are fully and continuously in touch with the corrosive and abrasive suspensions. Slurry pumps are employed in many processes and applications, including the transportation of slurries, the disposal of ash from power plants, the transportation and cleaning of coal, the dredging of river beds, etc. The extended service life of the pump as well as its overall performance are both impacted by the proper material choice used to make the replacement components. The spare parts for horizontal and vertical slurry pumps that are available here are constructed of various metal alloys, plastics, ceramics, and rubbers of various sorts.

When choosing spare parts for your slurry pump, there are several factors you should consider. According to our experience, some of these factors include ensuring that the part fits correctly and is made of the right material. You should also consider the wear profile and thickness of the wear parts to improve performance and extend the lifetime of both the parts and the pumps.

Locs c.r.o. offers  high quality interchangeable spare parts for Metso and Warman* pumps that are better than other replicas in terms of safety, warranty, design, expertise.

You may get replacement components for pumps manufactured of various metal alloys, polymers, ceramics, and rubber varieties from Locs c.r.o.

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* Disclaimer: Any reference to OEM (Warman and  Metso) is for information only and is not intended to imply the parts offered are OEM.